Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Expono– A safe place to store, organize and share your photos

What Company Is Offering:

It is a social photo sharing platform built with your privacy, data portability and security in mind. A safe place to store, organize and share your photos. Innovative ideas are easy to find on Expono.

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The Free Offer Detective

What Company Is Offering:

The Free Offer Detective is simply to find out how close to “free” these various sites actually come and then to tell what they found. FOD may participate in selected offers from time to time, just to be able to create more useful review articles. Then, they cancel the associations prior to the expiration of the trial period as allowed, returning all products (most often in unopened containers) at their expense.With all of different types of offers out there on the web, they wanted to tell internet bargain hunters what kinds of deals they may (or may not) be encountering.

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