Friday, September 4, 2009

id•this is human powered identification of anything or anyone

What Company Is Offering:

id•this is human powered identification of anything or anyone. id•this allows users to upload photos of anything that they are unable to identify. You can upload a photo or use the iPhone application to send a photo to id•this. Once the photo is uploaded, it will be shown to all of our other users. Hopefully, using the wisdom of everyone combined, we can help identify the photo for you.

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NetBase Content Intelligence

What Company Is Offering:

NetBase Content Intelligence enables a wide range of organizations to harness any type of digital content to power new, innovative search applications or enrich existing ones. Whether you are involved in research, product development, or conducting market research for an existing or new product, NetBase’s Content Intelligence platform will deliver actionable answers and insights extracted from any content, including premium, enterprise and the public Web, including real-time information from blogs and forums.

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