Saturday, March 29, 2008

Billeo --- makes all online transactions convenient, simple and secure

What Company Says:

Whether you're paying bills, shopping online or need help managing passwords, Billeo combines three great tools into one convenient package to make your online life easier and more secure.

How It Works:

It provides consumers a free service that makes all online transactions convenient, simple and secure. Powered by the largest biller directory in the industry, Billeo offers consumers the greatest flexibility in managing their online bills, as well as their passwords or any other information involved in online transactions. Online Banking report has recognized Billeo with the ePayment "Best of the Web" award.

Billeo is a venture-backed firm that brings innovative features to make the online lives of our consumers hassle free. Their product helps users make payments, record receipts and access their online world in a safe and secure fashion. They have been in business for nearly three years and continually reinvented and reviewed our products to better fit our consumers needs and requests.

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