Monday, March 24, 2008

For Netrepreneur

If you read this article, chances are you are planning to start your own business online, but you are still in doubt whether it is right for you. Here’s a list of advantages of going online.

* Start on a shoestring. Building a business online, you may or may not need additional funding. There are many ways to start an online venture. If you are lack of capital to start a business, you can always start small and grow from there. A lot of Internet business models allow you to start on a shoestring. You may be surprised to know the figure. I used to start a business for under $50. My monthly spending for various necessity for the business doesn’t exceed $100. That, of course, doesn’t include advertising expense, because I think of that as an investment. It actually makes money instead of spending it. How many business can you start and maintain with that?

* You’re in control (or be your own boss.) Internet entrepreneurship is often illustrated with an individual working from home, in the bedroom or the kitchen, in underwear. That may not be an actual benefit for a lot of us, but at least it drives the point home. You can do what you want without the need to wear suit and all the formalities. Of course, the rest of it, like business relationship has a lot of similarities. As your own boss, you control your business. With it comes responsibilities though.

* Enormous earning potential. When it comes to the earning potential, solopreneur who works from home earns anywhere from four-, five- and even six-figure income. The sky is the limit. You can keep it small and manageable or hire a team to work for you and grow the business to any level you want.

* Automation possibilities. You can automate a lot of components of the business, including but not limited to, order and payment processing, inventory management, customer support, follow up via email, and so on.

* Global presence and reach. Brick and mortar business is limited by location. A huge factor of success of the business depends on the location of the business. On the Internet, this factor doesn’t event exist. By establish an online business, you have the possibilities to reach global market. Combining this with the minimal investment, it becomes a very lucrative venture.

* Measurable and effective marketing methods. There’s nothing that brings more measurable results than the Internet. Direct response marketers will be excited to jump on this medium. Best of all, you can start getting results of different tests in a few minutes. Compare it with traditional marketing which needs weeks, if not months, to get accurate results.
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