Sunday, March 9, 2008

Standout Jobs provides RECEPTION, a suite of Web-based tools to power companies’ online recruiting efforts

What Company is Offering:
Standout Jobs provides RECEPTION, a suite of Web-based tools to power companies’ online recruiting efforts. Using social media tools and principles, Standout Jobs brings the latest Web consumer experience – easy, personal and dynamic – to the recruiting process.

How It Works:

Standout Jobs, Inc. is a startup based in Montreal, QC Canada that makes Reception, a suite of web-based tools to power companies online recruiting. Reception allows companies to create interactive, content-rich Career Sites that build employer brand and active talent networks. Companies can promote themselves more effectively, market jobs, gain metrics on job board spending, track candidates through the hiring process and build on-going relationships with prospects. The goal is to help companies develop and promote their employment brand, in order to find and hire the best talent. RECEPTION also includes candidate relationship management tools enabling HR managers to identify, interact with and track candidates effectively.

Unique Features:
Companies can seamlessly integrate video into their job postings and create behind-the-scenes tours, to showcase their culture and present a more in-depth view of themselves to candidates.

Job posts are automatically distributed to a multitude of free and paying job boards, saving companies time. RECEPTION includes metrics on the efficacy of the job boards, helping companies evaluate and adjust their job board spending.

Web-based applications from candidates can be shared with all the people involved in the hiring process, allowing for a central tracking of resumes, interview notes and candidate status. By moving applications out of email and costly applicant tracking systems, RECEPTION allows companies to manage their candidate application process more easily and efficiently. RECEPTION has no seat limits, so entire teams can now be involved in the hiring process.

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