Saturday, March 1, 2008 via an employee referral scheme

What Company Is Offering:
Get a step ahead in your career: Network and develop new relationships with people doing the job you want, and then apply via employee referral. Job hunting, the smart way.The process is quick, simple and intuitive for candidates, employees (our Moles), and employers.

How It Works:

Job hunters speak to Moles and make informed career decisions about a company, before they apply and get the job that is right for them; employees (Moles) can develop their Mole Network and will earn recognition and rewards by successfully referring talented candidates the meet through TheCareerMole; and employers can recruit the best talent at a greatly reduced cost compared to other recruitment methods. They think of it as everyone's unfair advantage

A Mole is an employee at a company that has an employee referral scheme/program. The Mole refer suitable candidate applications to the company's recruitment process via the employee referral program and provide real, unbiased information about their company, job and career.

How Is It Different:

An employee referral scheme is a relatively new, and completely under-utilised, recruitment method whereby an employer offers their employees rewards if they successfully refer candidate applications to the company's recruitment process,if the candidate is subsequently hired. Your employer may reward you with anything from financial bonuses to prizes - check your employer's referral policy for details. TheCareerMole is not a middleman - we do not pay referral bonuses - we just help you to earn them from your employer.

Recruitment via an employee referral scheme is more efficient and effective than traditional recruitment - if every job hunter knew about employee referral schemes - they wouldn't apply for jobs in any other way.

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