Saturday, March 8, 2008

VisibleLogistics is an on-demand order and shipment management service

What Company Is Offering:
VisibleLogistics is an on-demand order and shipment management service. It automatically sends order status notifications to you and your partners via e-mail or SMS.

How It Works:

With VisibleLogistics, smaller businesses can cut down this time spent on communicating. VisibleLogistics combines the processes linked to orders, inventory and communication with the other partners of the supply chain into one on-line on-demand application. VisibleLogistics monitors order and shipment status, and automatically sends e-mails to the relevant parties when important changes are made.

Unlike the track-and-trace systems provided by the express carriers and large shipping companies, you can use VisibleLogistics to monitor shipments across different carriers and transport modes. This can be useful if agents are moving shipments with a variety of different carriers. VisibleLogistics is indeed used by small forwarders to provide shipment monitoring and status updates to their customers. It enables them to provide service levels that match those of their larger competitors.

The benefits of VisibleLogistics are improved accuracy, round the clock availability of information for customers and a single view of all order and shipment activity.

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Thanks for posting about us. By the way, we published a new version last week. It is still free and can be used by eBay sellers as well: