Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wundrbar is a next generation search bar that lets you control your personal accounts

What Company Is Offering:
Wundrbar is a next generation search bar that lets you control your personal accounts and launch any kind of web search. For example, you can manage your online calendar, start a flight search, update your twitter status, and much more. And you can do it all from the same search bar.

How It Will Helpful:
They created Wundrbar to help you to use the web faster and more easily. If you're like us, you have personal accounts all over the place - Google Calendar, Netflix, Open Table, Paypal. All of these are great services, but sometimes it just takes a little too long, or is too much hassle, to open up Netflix to add that movie your friend recommended, or open up your calendar just to add that one event. And don't even get us started on flight searches - why in the heck do all those travel sites make us click twenty times just to start a flight search? All these things should be as simple as saying them. And that's exactly what they've tried to do with Wundrbar. Want to add a new event? Type "create drinks tonight 9pm with john". Want to rent that movie? Type "netflix superbad". Want to do a flight search? "Fly sfo nyc tomorrow return 3/30". Wundrbar is built to be intuitive and flexible, so you can enter commands in a whole variety of ways. No need to worry about syntax or formatting.

They're connected to several providers for travel searches involving flights, hotels, or cars. They're connected to a few personal services, including Google Calendar. And they're connected to a lot of simple services so you can do things like 'amazon harry potter' or 'ebay ipod'.
Wundrbar is built as a programmable framework, so that anyone can hook it into new services, and so that existing actions can be linked together in new ways.

In the meantime, if there is an action you think Wundrbar should perform, add it to the public wishlist. And while you're there, vote up the other ideas that you'd like to see implemented. They'll create some of the most popular actions, and soon you'll be able to create them to. And in fact, you'll get recognition for creating actions that are highly-requested!

Also: be sure to check out the Wundrbar Firefox toolbar and search plugin, so that you can use Wundrbar from anywhere on the web.

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