Wednesday, April 9, 2008


What Company Is Offering:
Answerology gave a new goal: to put an end to miscommunication between the sexes! With its proprietary Q&A platform, the Company now aims to help people improve all their relationships -- with their romantic partners, and with their family, friends and colleagues. It's all about having a better life through shared experience.

How It Works:

Ask your anonymous question. You'll receive personalized responses from several members of our global community.

Answerology comes from sharing and comparing our experiences. The more of us who get involved, the more info we can all tap into!Anyone who has an e-mail address (and something to say about relationships!) can sign up.When sending out a question using Advanced Targeting, approximately 30 people will receive it by e-mail.

All questions are answered by other community members -- remember, they're just real people like you -- so response time can vary. Usually, you'll get several responses within 30 minutes; other times it might take a little longer.

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