Friday, April 18, 2008

Eluma is a new kind of personal web organizer

What Company Is Offering:
Eluma is a new kind of personal web organizer that lets you easily collect, organize and share any and all of the information you find on the Web, or through Eluma.With Eluma, you can collect anything you want from the Web, organize it however you like and share it with others if you choose to. You can also discover interesting collections of information that others have created – a collection about the Red Sox, or maybe politics or dogs?!?!

How It Works:

With Eluma you can:
keep all of your Web stuff in one place - favorite Web sites, RSS feeds and podcasts that you’ve subscribed to, blogs you read, etc. You can organize your favorites by creating collections or assigning tags… or both.

share your collections of favorites with a friend, a group of friends, or with the entire Eluma community.

discover new content, and subscribe to collections that have been created and recommended by other Eluma users.
subscribe to real-time alerts that show up right on your desktop.

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