Thursday, April 10, 2008

FranChild---Kids Business

FranChild is a story about a Dad and Mom helping their kids learn about business, and sharing that knowledge and success formula with anybody who wants to do the same thing for their child.

How It Works:
Your child can sell to anyone or any business you agree upon. If you sell door to door, please only go to those houses that you know, never go after dark and always accompany your child. If you are going to set up retail accounts, your assistance in transportation and teaching your child business etiquette is essential! Basic tips include a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact, asking for the sale and thank yous as well. Marketing support is included in the member's only section of the website.
You and your child will also pay for products (soap, jewelry, apparel) and raw goods (beeswax sheets and wicks), and shipping. The products are sold to you at an extremely competitive rate for the amount that you buy – wholesale or below. For each kit, your cost is typically between $25-$30 and your child can net profits of $100 per kit, depending on your pricing sturcture.

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