Friday, April 11, 2008

iBloks rich media ad developer, has raised $2.05 million in Series C funding

What Company Is Offering:
iBloks InstantAd
In less than 5 minutes, create and deliver the ads you need with iBloks InstantAd™. You can customize online video ads in minutes by adding your own photos, videos, logo and offers for a powerful online ad campaign, to post your message on your website, or to post as a gadget on social networks. Learn more.

iBloks Custom InstantAds
Need a little more flexibility and want to add a bit more individual flare to your ad? Then choose to make an iBloks Custom InstantAd. You will be able to select each individual feature of your ad including the player border, background and music. It's still just a few more easy steps to create your campaign, and you can create multiple versions of your ad for different audiences.

iBloks Video Messenger

Now the power of online video viewing and instant messenger are brought together for the 300,000,000 Windows Live Instant Messenger audiences. Advertisers and consumers can upload their own ads and videos and get the capability to post their customized iBloks Video Messenger™ on any webpage, as an online ad or on a social networking site like Facebook, Windows Live Spaces, Google and more.

iBloks Live in 3D

This turnkey 3D experience is the only fully interactive 3D experience that works without a download. Now any advertiser or consumer can interact with products and services in a "real world" feeling experience. Utilizing our video messenger technology, now you can explore the latest music and videos in 3D spaces while chatting with your friends.

How Much They Got From VCs:
iBloks, a San Francisco-based rich media ad developer, has raised $2.05 million in Series C funding led by return backer Maveron, according to a regulatory filing.

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