Sunday, April 27, 2008

JYGY --The Next Step In Mobile Social Networking

About Company:

JYGY is all about exploring and sharing with your friends. When you log into JYGY for the first time, you see the Dash page, this is where they put little widgets with various information and content for you. You can rearrange the page as you like. You can also add more stuff to it, just go to your account tab and customize it. While you are on the account tab, you can also set up your communication preferences, contact information and more.

JYGY has some social networking features like you have seen on other sites. However, JYGY is integrated into the mobile world from the get go. So for instance you can SMS your friends - just find them on the friends or the messages page.

You can upload media into JYGY different ways. Right now we recommend doing it on the webpage, but you will be able to MMS it to JYGY and email as well later. You can send the media to your friends from JYGY as well.

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