Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Business Trends

6 business ideas that take advantage of the top business trends.


NuWire Investor:
Previously, NuWire identified and ranked the Top 5 Business Trends that present great opportunities for business owners. In this companion article, we present 6 innovative business ideas that exemplify these trends; however, aspiring business owners may find that, with a little food for thought and a lot of motivation, the opportunities are endless.

Foreign market consulting
A business in foreign market consulting can help U.S.-based businesses take advantage of exporting opportunities. Because of their high demand overseas, sophisticated capital goods such as medical equipment and electrical machinery may offer some of the greatest potential for exporting. Additionally, the emergence of the middle and upper-classes in rapidly developing countries such as China and Russia has also driven demand for luxury goods such as diamond jewelry.

In addition to the U.S., opportunities for foreign market consultants exist in Latin American markets. Latin American currencies are closely tied to the weakening U.S. dollar, and thus hold lower value than other global currency markets. For such a venture, Spanish-speaking individuals would possess a significant advantage.

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