Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adregate is to make as much money as you can off of your ad sales

What Company Is Offering:
Adregate is created by website owners and for website owners. They know what a pain it can be to manage advertisements on your site, and they want to make that process much more enjoyable. They ultimately want you to make as much money as you can off of your ad sales.

How It Works:
With Adregate, everything is hosted for you and all of your ads are delivered from their fast and extremely reliable servers. No more updating software or wondering if your server has the right specs. Just drop in a small piece of code where you want your ad to display, and your ads immediately start serving!

Provide potential advertisers a page with advertising information including impressions, uniques, and available advertising spots. This page takes the hassle out of building a complicated media kit by creating it for you. They are also working on a central directory that will list your ad sales pages so advertisers can easily find your site!

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