Saturday, May 17, 2008

Benchcoach is a web-based baseball statistical analysis tool

What Company Is Offering:

Benchcoach is a web-based baseball statistical analysis tool whose primary goal is to help people optimize their fantasy sports teams. Their goal is to become an authoritative site for baseball stats. Press release.

Who Is Backing Them:

Will brings over a decade of technology and management to Benchcoach. He has broad experience in the software field, having worked on such diverse projects as the health care system for Malaysia’s Ministry of Health to an ECommerce platform for the deployment of over 40 brands under the Jones Apparel Group umbrella. He has worked for such companies as Sun Microsystems, Catalytic Architects, and most recently served as the Director of Software Engineering at Jones Apparel Group. Schenk’s paper on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into enterprise software was published in Java Report under the title “Integrating Rule Engines in the Enterprise”. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Computer Science from The Pennsylvania State University.

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