Sunday, May 25, 2008

Creative Citizen

What Company Is Offering:
Creative Citizen is a mental shift: humans don't always have to be users and abusers, they can also be creators. Instead of continuing down the same path of global unawareness and consumption, a Creative Citizen reduces worldwide problems to daily, personal solutions. Our goal here is to help each person see how little acts have truly big effects.

Creative Citizen equips individuals and communities to move forward in the quest to become responsible global citizens. Instead of focusing on the fear induced by water shortages, expanding landfills, smoggy cities and the specter of global warming, they focus on one action at a time, knowing that a series of small actions can lead to massive results.

How It Works:
Creative Citizen is an ideal made kinetic: becoming a citizen of the global community, ready and willing to share Creative Solutions for all of our eco-problems, minor and major. They know that no one citizen can know everything about living responsibly on this planet – our goal is to create an ever-evolving wealth of environmental knowledge and each Creative Citizen is essential to our success.

So, go ahead and submit a Creative Solution and watch your Greenage grow or just look around and soak up what you see. They're always open to suggestions, so email them with your thoughts about how to make your experience as a Creative Citizen™ more fulfilling, rewarding and effective.

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