Thursday, May 29, 2008

in2apps has brought distributed content, community and commerce to the masses

What Company Is Offering:
By incorporating a radical new service and delivery methodology with a distribution and display mechanism for Internet applications, in2apps has brought distributed content, community and commerce to the masses. Here’s how:

Free Software as a Service.
Mass peer-to-peer networking.
Equitable access to tools that deliver community, commerce and content.
The potential of monetized content for every individual .

It’s Free. It’s One Line of Code. The potential is that simple. in2apps publishers offer enterprise-quality solutions to build communities and accrue and share content while creating new opportunities for commerce by inserting just one, free line of code (per solution) into a single page on their website. Suddenly the world is your audience.

How It Works:

in2apps is extending every Internet footprint with their in2classified, in2advertizing, and in2community solutions, delivered through one platform that leverages the power of a distributed web architecture. This creates a massive, yet targeted, distribution of content, community and commerce for you. Suddenly the world is your audience.

Their D-to-C solution seamlessly integrates into your site through a single line of code, one per in2 application, and provides the strategic backbone you need to succeed in the era of Web 3.0. Already have one or two of your "Cs" in place? The new D-to-C is so flexible that each in2application is independently available, but really, you should experience it in its entirety.

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