Friday, May 23, 2008

PolicyMap is an innovative geographic information system

What Company Is Offering:
PolicyMap is an innovative geographic information system which allows you to easily create custom maps, tables, and charts.Provides over 4,000 indicators plus the ability to plot your own data with our mapping services.Available from any Web browser on any operating system.Backed by the resources, expertise and integrity of The Reinvestment Fund.

How It Works:

Once you've created a map, table or report that you want, save it and export it as a jpeg or a pdf for use in your presentation or reports.Search any location by address, census tract, county, state, zip code, school district, or Congressional district. Subscribers also can create custom regions.
PolicyMap currently offers over 4,000 indicators related to demographics, real estate, crime, health, schools, housing affordability, employment, energy, and public investments.

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