Friday, May 2, 2008

Rupiz Ads provides digital marketing solutions to global web businesses

What Company Is Offering:
Rupiz Ads provides digital marketing solutions to global web businesses, helping them seek perfect alliances through a comprehensive advertising network.The network is one of the ventures of Rupiz Infotech, a leading organization that has sheltered several businesses.

How It Works:

Whether you are an advertiser or an agency, their banner ad campaigns will help you maximize returns by collaborating with the best of publishers belonging to varied industry verticals. Their network functions on a Pay-on-Performance basis, delivering multi-channel solutions that encompass all digital media platforms.

The Rupiz Ads team comprises marketing professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in this domain. On the technical front, our expertise with latest web software applications and technology platforms assures that you have the very best in user interface and back-end operations. They provide their clients with dedicated Account Managers, and a scalable tracking and reporting system that facilitates reliability and ease of operations. Join Rupiz Ads to monetize your web traffic and earn increased revenues by building long-term, global partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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