Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sift'd is a place to submit and vote on cool stuff you find on the internet

What Company Is Offering:
Sift'd is a place to submit and vote on cool stuff you find on the internet. The most popular stuff as decided by the users gets put on the front page of each section, and the most popular of the popular gets featured on the home page!

How It Works:

Every user at Sift’d has a value between 1 and 100 percent that is their SiftKarma. Every time they vote or comment they ’spend’ some of their SiftKarma, and every time another someone votes on their submissions and comments they ‘earn’ more.It also effectively deals with anyone who makes multiple accounts. If a person makes 40 accounts and tries to get their submission front paged it might work - once or twice - but eventually their 40 accounts will have a combined weight of one user with average SiftKarma. Their 40 accounts, even if they’re used to +vote each other, result in a net loss for each account.

The only way a person could maintain their deception would be by having each of their accounts participating on the site and receiving positive votes by real users which might be feasible for a couple of accounts but maintaining multiple personas that attract positive attention is likely to be impossible for any lengthy period of time.

People using services like are also going to find themselves out of luck unless they can devote time into maintaining good SiftKarma to offset what they use selling their votes.

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