Sunday, June 1, 2008 is the fun way to stay with a local when traveling

What Company Is Offering: is the fun way to stay with a local when traveling. You can earn money by sharing your space, and save money when traveling. The original AirBed & Breakfast is an unofficial landmark in the South of Market district of San Francisco.

How It Works:
The listings are generally more affordable and personable. Instead of staying in a big city by yourself, you have someone to personally accommodate you, and show you around. You may even make a new friend!
They've spent countless hours crafting a travel site that takes to the "Book it" button in just three clicks. Simply (1) search your city, (2) find a listing, and (3) book your room using Amazon payments.
It's free to sign up and create a listing. The price of listings vary by city and amenities offered by the host. In the end, it's usually less than the price of a hotel room.
Upon contributing a listing, hosts authorize AB&B to transfer money into their account at any time. When a guest makes a reservation, the guest is authroizing AB&B to charge the stated amount. On the day arrival, unless either party cancels, the guest will be charged and the money will be transfered directly to the host's account. A transaction fee of $5/night is charged to the guest and sent directly to AB&B. All billing is secured through Amazon so that no transaction can take place without explicit approval from you.

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