Monday, June 2, 2008


What Company Is Offering:
retaggr is about two things: displaying your Profile Card so the world can keep up to date with the details you choose. Tagging people you know on images anywhere on the web (not just on some social networks)

How It Works:
Your profile card is like your business card for the web, except so much more!
Aside from your name, bio, and links to your websites, you can add widgets to your card which will be visible to anyone that views your card.
Recent blog posts, recent tweets from twitter, recent photos, the ability to communicate via MSN/Gtalk/Skype, and more.
Explore the widgets on the My Profile Card page for a full list. On retaggr enabled blogs, your Profile Card will be left when you leave a comment. Look for this icon:
Embed it on your webpage! Include it in your email signature. Encourage others to link to it when referring to you on their blog. Anyone can embed or link to your card, by clicking "Embed" on your Profile Card.

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