Monday, June 23, 2008

SwapAce allows you to SWAP, SELL, BUY & MEET

What Company Is Offering:

SwapAce is an organisation with the vision to be "the fun, unique, trusted marketplace, where millions worldwide interact".The vision of SwapAce is also to extend the online marketplace to people who might want to swap or barter goods and services. If you don’t use something anymore, you could certainly give it away and recycle. But you don’t have to; you can also swap it for something you might want to use. Bartering worked long before the introduction of currency, and it works today. Swapping or trading stuff is a great way to recycle.

How It Works:

SwapAce allows you to SWAP, SELL, BUY & MEET.You can exchange items and/or money.
You can also meet people at SwapAce. They think this is a simple extension of a marketplace; meeting people with similar interests and forming online communities. To this end they've created forums for people to discuss well, anything, and they encourage people to trade within their communities (either interest based or location based).

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