Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Company Is Offering:

2Milliondollarlist provides website owners a high quality service where they can list their website.The 2 Million Dollar List is an exclusive list of websites collected from the billions of websites in existence today. Paid website directory... affordable website listings for webmasters and website owners.

After you create a website, it is available on the internet, but nobody knows about it except your friends and partners whom you have informed about it. If you want other people to be able to find it, you should submit it to search engines and directories. Statistics shows that about 85% of internet users find sites using search engines. Besides, many search engines take into account the citation index and PageRank, the higher this index will be, the higher your website will be in search engines and the more users will visit your website. That is why submission to search engines and directories is necessary and important.

Search engines like to see that your website has links pointing to your site from other sites
Anyone cruising through the quality links on the $2 Million Dollar List can click on your site
thus creating direct traffic to your website.


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