Thursday, July 17, 2008

CoveritLive's web based software takes your next live blog to a new level

What Company Is Offering:
CoveritLive's web based software takes your next live blog to a new level. Your commentary publishes in real time like an instant message. Our ‘one-click’ publishing lets you drop polls, videos, pictures, ads and audio clips as soon as they come to mind. Comments and questions from your readers instantly appear but you control what gets published. Try our software for your next live blog. Your readers will love it.

How It Works:

When you use CoveritLive, your live blog is displayed in a Viewer Window on your site or blog. Readers don’t have to set up usernames and passwords to watch it, send in comments or participate in polls. In short, they are a software company that respects your brand and your objective of attracting and keeping your readers.

Your commentary is published as if you were using an instant messaging product. Type and click send. There’s no worrying about what your readers are seeing because the Writer Console (that’s what they call the software the writer uses) has an exact replica of the Viewer Window built right into it, so you never have to go ‘check your site’. Whether it’s a bonehead move by Bernanke or a brilliant move by Belichick, you are first with perspective to your audience.

With CoveritLive’s ‘One-click’ publishing you can use the Google or Youtube search tools, and simply click the mouse once to perfectly display the content for your readers. No more thinking, “wouldn’t it have been great if I could have shown...”.

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