Friday, July 11, 2008

Improving Your World

What Company Is Offering:
IYW are using the broad scope of Internet technology and mass collaboration to improve the world. They have set up a simple interface that allows visitors to learn about different organizations, share these organizations with others and then vote on which cause they would like to get the donation.

Each cause receives an equitable amount of donations in relation to votes. Meaning if XYZ gets all the votes, XYZ gets all the money. If XYW receives half the votes, XYW receives half the money and the rest is distributed equally among the other causes.

How It Works:

When you visit their homepage you will see our vote options. These options allow you to choose from four charitable organization on which to vote. The organization with the most votes will receive sponsorship monies at month’s end. Once the charitable organization of choice is made you will be redirected to the Thank You page. Here, you you will see small ads for our site sponsors. There is no charge to you. 100% of money from these sponsored advertisements will go to one of their charitable partners.

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