Monday, July 21, 2008

LOUD3R is a network of exhaustive, topic-driven websites

What Company Is Offering:

LOUD3R is a network of exhaustive, topic-driven websites. They gather and publish the best content from blogs, news and editorial sites, including photos and videos for any given topic. LOUD3R ranks the content, pushing the most important stories to the top. All the news is published by an automated semantic engine that is guided by human editors, user behavior and community feedback.

How it works:

LOUD3R sites are created by assembling a source list of websites and a semantic glossary of terms that teach the content engine how to identify the best news stories, photos, videos, and other content from hundreds of Websites related to a particular topic. They use a combination of human editorial input combined with semantic software to assemble all the best content, from a web-wide perspective, for any given topic. The technology learns from user behavior, allowing the site to react to the community's interests and preferences. They sift through the bad, so you don't have to.

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