Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Passitto is a “business referral networking” website

What Company Is Offering:
Passitto is an online platform for business networking, with an emphasis on sending and receiving business referrals.
Passitto allows members to benefit from information that would otherwise go unused. We all learn of other businesses, colleagues, clients, and friends who need goods or services that we do not or cannot provide. While this information probably has little value for you, it is extremely valuable to businesses that offer these goods and services.

How It Works:

Passitto provides a platform for you to provide this referral information to other members and for other members to provide referral information to you. You may increase the chance that you will receive referral information from other members by providing more referral information to other members. If you choose, you can also get paid by Passitto to provide referral information to other members.
You can use Passitto when you learn of referral information that you are not going to use yourself. In many cases you will not be using this referral information yourself because you do not provide the good or service that the client needs, the good or service needs to be provided by someone in a remote location, you have a conflict of interest, or any other reason.

More at:http://www.passitto.com/

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