Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SmibsNet is a social business network ---Promote Your Company

What Company Is Offering:
SmibsNet is a social business network that focuses on getting the things done that really matter: Winning clients, finding new talent, collaborating across organizations and Growing Smart.

How It Works:

On SmibsNet, individuals and businesses can invite each other to collaborate right within the network. Smibs applications - like Doorbell - are fully integrated, turning SmibsNet into a powerful platform for self-promotion and business interaction. The Smibs Lounge is your personalized dashboard within SmibsNet. It provides quick and easy access to all personal and business contacts, as well as tasks, messages and applications. SmibsNet is fast, easy and free to use. You can sign-up for the SmibsNet public beta (started from June 08) at http://www.smibs.com.

More at:http://www.smibs.com

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