Friday, July 25, 2008

VIREL is a website-friendly crawler for microformats

What Company Is Offering:

VIREL is a website-friendly crawler for microformats. It is primarily focusing on collecting published open microformats embedded in websites. It searches Websites for Microformats and follows links on Websites to other Websites to continiue its search to the WWW. To learn more about microformats you may want to take a look at Right now VIREL is searching for contact informations (hCard) and calendaric informations (hCalendar)

To create a hCard you can use their online version of the hCard-Creator Online hCard Creator or another third party Online hCard Creator or this third-party Online hCalendar Creator

If you like to make your microformats accessible to VIREL you may want to submit your URL to VIREL. VIREL checks this URL in regular intervals for new or updated informations embedded in microformats.

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