Friday, July 18, 2008

weplay is the ultimate destination for the youth sports community

What Company Is Offering:
weplay is the ultimate destination for the youth sports community. Their mission is to enable and enhance the joy of sports for kids, families, coaches and fans both online and on the field. We take this mission seriously, so they built a fun, educational, informative and safe site that allows people to connect, share, learn and have fun! They also bring this community together with their weplay pros: Derek Jeter, Jennie Finch, Lebron James and Peyton Manning and many more-- all of whom played on youth sports teams. They know firsthand what all the research says, that children learn valuable lessons by playing sports that benefit them later in life. They learn important skills like leadership, teamwork, winning, losing, good nutrition, good health and perseverance.

How It Works:
Once you're a registered weplay user, which takes just a matter of seconds, you'll find activities, teammates, friends and all sorts of groups that cater to your many diverse interests in youth sports and activities. Create a group and invite friends and family around common interests or specific teams and clubs. You can create private or public groups and invite friends and family members to join. And because you control all your information, you decide who sees or doesn't see it. weplay's industry leading security and privacy settings also ensure members of all ages can have a meaningful and safe experience interacting with friends online.

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