Friday, August 1, 2008

earfl is created to give your voice a voice

What Company Is Offering:
earfl is created to give your voice a voice. They've made it easy to tell your stories: just call 415.223.3802 from your mobile phone and start talking. Hang up, log on and start listening. It's really that easy.

How It Works:

earfl provides you with the platform for ensuring these stories become more than just memories. As told in your voice, with your words, the stories become a fascinating piece of the puzzle that is you. More than a photo, an earfl story puts the listener in the room with you. In the story with you.

Or maybe you're a listener. You're the quiet type, more interested, perhaps, in hearing what others are saying. And whether it's the memories of a grandmother's youth, words of inspiration from a recovering addict, or gut-busting stories from an aspiring comedian, earfl can fill your ears.

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