Thursday, September 11, 2008

QWeb is conducting a web experiment, and anybody can take part in it

What Company Is Offering:
QWeb is conducting a web experiment, and anybody can take part in it! The experiment is simple, in fact, it's just a forum. There are forums all over the Internet today, but all impose restrictions and most are moderated by the site maintainers. This isn't how the rest of the world works though. In the real world there is no moderator hanging over conversations. People argue, people fight, people insult, but in the end everybody remains social. QWeb would like to know if this concept can work on the Internet too.

Here there are no rules as to what you can talk about, and no site maintainer is going to moderate your topics. You won't be banned and you won't have restrictions applied to your account, just like in the real world. All users are trusted and as such can delete any posting. This is a self-policed trust-driven environment, just like the streets you walk on every day. If you feel something shouldn't be there, remove it. Like in the real world, here you have no profile, no rating, no post-count - just a name and a message. Similarly, just like in the real world, some people are likely to abuse this trust so you must accept that the system could be misused. Every community has its idiots.

If the experiment proves a success, QWeb may develop this into a proper application. It will be considered a success if the system isn't too heavily abused and doesn't simply become another network for spam or virus distribution.

In accessing this experiment, you agree that QWeb cannot be held liable for the content submitted by you or any other user. You also understand that participating in, or accessing certain topics may violate a law in your country of residence and agree to take full responsibility for this.

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