Monday, September 15, 2008

SuiteMatch ----Office Space Sharing

What Company Is Offering:
When an individual or company with extra offices, unused office space or empty cubicles rents or subleases to another individual or company, they call it shared work space. Think of it as an office within an office.Posting and renting shared office space with SuiteMatch saves you time, money and more importantly, your sanity.

How It Works:

SuiteMatch will only cost you a few minutes of your time. Add a post to list available office space you might have or run and save a Search and find the office space you need.You have extra office space. You need someone to come along and rent/sublease it. You post the details on SuiteMatch and your problems are solved.Once you have added all the details to your post and hit save, your post will be live for all to see.

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Anonymous said...

With office rental increasing, it doesn't make much sense to have a physical office. I believe the future of most businesses will be virtual and leveraging off using a virtual office space.