Friday, October 3, 2008

Avaak is wire-free personal video networking technology got VCs funding

What Company Is Offering:
Avaak, is the world’s leader in ultra low-power, easy-to-use, wire-free video technology that enables pervasive imaging applications where video and snapshots can be viewed, captured and shared from anywhere at anytime without the need of wiring cameras or downloading software. Originally developed for homeland security and defense purposes, Avaak’s technology enables the use of video in consumer and commercial applications and locations that were previously deemed infeasible.

How Much They Got From VCs:

Avaak, the industry leader in easy-to-use, wire-free personal video networking technology, announced that it raised $7 million in Series A funding. The capital will support product development, marketing, and sales of Avaak’s new and unique consumer product, scheduled for release in early 2009. The financing was led by Trinity Ventures, a firm focused on early-stage technology investment opportunities with an emphasis on digital media and Internet services, among other markets. InterWest Partners and Leapfrog Ventures also made significant investments in Avaak’s initial round of funding.


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