Friday, October 10, 2008 Community For Video Search

What Company Is Offering: is an ever-growing California based online community that provides it’s users with the ability to search and browse videos throughout the web as well as inside Clipta’s community itself. Clipta’s friendliest video search engine indexes online videos from the web for personal, entertainment and informational purposes.

There will be over a billion videos on the internet at the end of 2008 with millions more uploaded daily. With such an overwhelming amount of videos, it seems impossible to find the video you want. Our brand new state of the art designed V-Rate system allows our users to “make diamonds out of coal”. By rating video quality, our users make sure that there is no trash in our search results. The videos you will see 1st will be the best and you will never have to flip hundreds of pages in order to be satisfied.

Even though we are introducing our new search and V-Rate options, our primary goal of establishing top notch video community hasn’t changed. Clipta still carries all of it’s user oriented functions and still provides our users the ability to upload and share videos.

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