Saturday, October 25, 2008 is for Good quality leads

What Company Is Offering: is the answer to what our business has been struggling with... Good quality leads. Mybirddogs to anyone interested in filling their pipeline with loads of legitimate leads! Not only does this system help attract new business via my own birddog team, it also provides everything we need to stay in contact with my customers which keeps them coming back over and over for all their future business.

How It Works:

Offer incentives to your network of clients and friends (BirdDogs) to send you referrals for your business.
Incentives can be anything from money to gift certificates to free services.
Your referral program will have its own unique web address that you can include in your existing marketing efforts.
For a more seamless look you can embed the MyBirdDogs tools directly into your existing website.
Invite your network of clients and friends to become BirdDogs for your business without feeling awkward asking directly for more referrals.

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