Friday, October 24, 2008

Styky backs up and updates contacts on your mobile phonebook

What Company Is Offering:
Styky backs up and updates contacts on your mobile phonebook. With Styky, you can access, manage, message, and update contacts from any phone,, and even Facebook, while Styky keeps everything in sync. Think of it as a free, enhanced mobile blackbook.

How It Works:
Join Skyky and they will magically download an application onto your mobile phone that uploads all your contact details to Styky... think of it as a two-way street. Their program automatically checks to see if any updates have been made to your phone, or to Styky Central online, and replicates those updates in both places.

Just like your favorite online social networking community, Styky links you and your other Styky friends together instantly. Once you are all electronically glued together, you can share any of your Styky info with them... Snaps, Steals, Notes and Faces. You can create your own Styky cliques, keep work buddies separate from other friends or mix everyone up like a frothy summer cocktail. And of course, if you are avoiding your "ex" or hiding from your boss, you can control who is and isn't in your network. You steer Styky Central as you like.

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