Monday, October 6, 2008

Tokoni---New Social Networking

What Company Is Offering:
Tokoni is to enable people to share stories and experiences within a vibrant and open community, where individual wisdom is celebrated and collective knowledge is valued.

How It Works:

Create your profile. Tell us about yourself and your life experiences. To get started create your profile page by clicking the "join now" link found on the upper right corner of the homepage. Tell us a little about yourself, upload a personal profile picture, or use one of ours (don't worry you can always update this page later).

The more active you are within the community the more complete your profile page will become. From your profile page you can view your most recent stories, the collections you've started, the hubs you have joined, all of the stories you've marked as "favorites", and view all of your fans and fan clubs.

You can also manage your account from your profile page,--set email notification preferences, change your password and email address, send an email to your fans, and manage you fan and fan club lists. To return to your profile page click on the my tokoni link that appears at the top of every page when you are signed in. You can also view your profile page (or the profile pages of other Tokos) by clicking on the username wherever it appears on the site.

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