Friday, October 17, 2008

TV4B is the first business video adventisement channel

What Company Is Offering:
The first business video adventisement channel on the web. Publish your commercial, product video, company video, event, vacancies etc. on the web and attract more visitors to your web site.

TV4B offers a white-label player, high resolution, which you can embed on your web site, as if it runs from your own web site, whilst TV4B takes care of all technical aspects and data traffic.

TV4B co-operates with several audio-visual production companies, offering attractive pricing.

How is the different:

Both YouTube and Google.Video show all kind of user-generated content.
TV4B offers a business-only channel, and no advertisements inserted in your video.
TV4B offers a withe-label video player, without a logo and no advertisements inserted in your video.
If you embed your video on your own web site, the visitor can not distinguish that the video technically runs from TV4B. It looks like it is completely published from your web site.
TV4B is your second shopping-window, attracting interested visitors only. A dedicated number of qualified leads brings more value than a large number of visitors, which are half-interested.

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