Monday, October 20, 2008

WizHelp, distance is no longer a problem

What Company Is Offering:
WizHelp, distance is no longer a problem.This is the first and only Ubuntu compatible remote access tool .WizHelp service relies on Open Source projects.

How It Works:

You just need to fill in the form and click on "Register".You will receive a confirmation e-mail allowing you to validate your registration on WizHelp.Your WizHelp profile is now created!!

It can be reached through your personal URL: Identifier.To use WizHelp services with your contacts, send your identifier.

Here are three ways to send it :Connect on WizHelp, and click « Invite your contacts ». Your personal URL will be sent by email. Ask your contacts to visit and enter your identifier in "Get helped by" (At the top of the homepage). Send directly your personal URL or add a link on your blog/home page/website. Once your contacts are visiting your profile, use WizHelp free services!Take control of your contacts' computer. Share your screen. View your contacts' screen.

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