Saturday, November 1, 2008

BrainKeeper is an enterprise collaboration tool

What Company Is Offering:
BrainKeeper is an enterprise collaboration tool that is designed to help effectively communicate with the individuals, teams, and departments in your company. BrainKeeper aims to be the central knowledge repository for any corporation that can capitalize on the use of stored information.

How It Works:

BrainKeeper provides everyone in your company with an intuitive, secure system that facilitates the capture of essential company knowledge in the form of pages of text organized into workspaces, images, attachments, and comments that can be easily retrieved with a powerful search engine.

BrainKeeper will ensure your most important company knowledge is thoroughly captured, easily found, and distributed to exactly the right people.
BrainKeeper is built to be effectively used by small teams, full departments, or an entire enterprise. Anyone who needs to easily gain access to the knowledge of others in their company will benefit from using BrainKeeper. You can sign up for a trial account in less than a minute and see everything that BrainKeeper has to offer. A trial account includes three user accounts and attachments under 5MB. You can upgrade to a full subscription at any time.

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