Monday, November 10, 2008

Snaptu---The best internet experience on your mobile phone

What Company Is Offering:
To install snaptu on your mobile phone: SMS (text message) and WAP (downloading using your mobile phone's Web browser).

When using the SMS method, they send you an SMS message that includes a link to start the download process. When you receive the SMS, open the message and the link inside. To open the link, either click on it, or use the menu and select Use Details. Depending on your phone model, you may need to scroll down to highlight the link and choose 'Select', 'Go to' or 'Open'. Once you have done this your phone will open an Internet connection and start the download.

If you cannot open the link, please open your device's Web browser and navigate to If you can click the link but your device still can't download the application, then check the device for correct WAP settings. You can get the correct WAP settings for your device from the manufacturer's web site.

To use the SMS method, click here to go to the download page
To download snaptu to your phone, visit using your phone's existing Web browser, and click on 'Download Snaptu'.

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