Monday, November 24, 2008

Zubka is a unique job referral site

What Company Is Offering:
Zubka is a unique job referral site which can benefit you in two simple ways;

First, you can earn good money by recommending friends for jobs. And second, if you need to fill a job vacancy, Zubka helps you find the perfect person - in a simpler, cheaper, more hassle free way than the usual recruitment routes.

How It Works:

If there's a job posted on Zubka and you think it is right for someone you know, then refer them.

They can be anyone – your sister, cousin, school mate, work colleague - anybody you know who would be perfect for that job.

If they get the job, bingo! You're in the money. For example, they reward to you for placing someone in a £50,000 job is £3,600.

If you're a Hirer advertising a job on Zubka, it means you're opening up that vacancy to the world of Zubka Connectors. This means all the Candidates (the people who are referred) are personally recommended. Check their profile to see they're totally appropriate for the position.

And as well as being a quick way of hiring, it costs a third of traditional recruitment charges. The Hirer gets the perfect candidate and pays considerably less than usual.

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