Saturday, December 27, 2008

BaiscState---Site Monitoring Service

What Company Is Offering:
The free uptime monitoring service monitors http and https services. You can have alerts sent to any email address. Just set up an additional alert recipient using the email address provided by your cell phone or pager service provider. To find out if free email access to your sms phone or pager is available, check with your service provider. You can also check this list of carrier free email to sms address formats If this facility is not available through your carrier, receiving sms alerts will require arranging sms credits with us.

There is no software to install and it makes no difference if you are running Apache, IIS, Sun or Zeus. All of the software runs on our servers. All a subscriber needs is a web browser to access the control panel and a way of receiving email or sms alerts.

Individual sites are tested at 15 minute intervals. Public interest e-commerce sites are tested at 5 minute intervals. If a failure is detected, the monitoring frequency is set to every minute until the failure is resolved.

Internal monitors can give you very fine grained detail of the inner workings of your servers and internal network. The problem is that it can mask network problems outside of the local network. Internal monitors are also usually unable to send alerts if the the monitoring server or internal network fails.
The goal of public facing web sites is to make sure that the site is available at all times to external users. External monitoring is best suited to ensuring that this goal is met because it uses external access routes just like external users and are independent of the facilities being measured.

Furthermore, as an independent data source, it is useful in discussing service difficulties with network and hosting providers.

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