Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meetsee Is A Virtual Office Tool

What Company Is Offering:

Meetsee uses the Halcyon Worlds platform to address the intangibles associated with the virtual office like building trust and camaraderie and connecting remote workers to the people and content they need. Halcyon Worlds has been dedicated to providing the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive interactive platform for isometric virtual worlds.

A Meetsee room is your own space online where you and your coworkers can be productive or just have fun together. Every Meetsee room gets its own URL that you can distribute to others. Post it on a Web page or blog or send it in an email or instant messenger. Just enter the URL in a Web browser and you're off. It's that easy.

How It Works:
Once you've registered, you can immediately create your first Meetsee room. Just click the Create Room button. Just follow the steps and your room will become available in you're my Profile page. From here you can access, change settings, and get information for your Meetsee room.

Inside your Meetsee room there are many ways for you to communicate and collaborate with your co-workers. You can chat, video conference, share files, watch videos, and view photos. But the best thing is that you can do all these things together at the same time. Can't be there at the same time? No worries! Inside every Meetsee room is a Message Board where you can post messages to be viewed anytime.

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