Friday, December 26, 2008

New Finders Service For Businesses And Persons

What Company Is Offering:
High Roller Toys introduces an innovative new Finders service for businesses and persons. The Finders service finds or locates anything imaginable – anything that can be bought or sold. Further, no finding request is too small or too large.

How It Works:
The service locates anything that they may desire to find, including unusual items, oil, desirable real estate, petroleum, machinery, aircraft, antiques, baseball cards, clients, money (funding for this, that, whatever), used and rare books, foodstuffs, rare metals, classic cars and more.

In offering this service, the company is responding to the desire of businesses and individuals to help them accomplish their objectives, as no business or individual can possibly know of all the potential supply sources or necessary services for their needs.
The “Finders” service allows them to ‘farm out’ their needs without incurring thousands of dollars of expense and/or tying up employee time, only to come up empty handed with no real solutions.

Their Finders service provides a ready solution for the ‘finding’ needs of any business or individual. The specialized expertise provided by the HRT Finders service finds what they need easily, quickly and effortlessly”.

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