Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Podango----Where Marketers And Show Producers Come To Get Heard

What Company Is Offering:
Podango lets podcasters host and manage their own shows or stations using the company’s hosting, syndication, audience measurement and Web site creation tools. The company also offers publishers an embeddable podcast player for use in websites. Hosting their programs at Podango for free, station owners earn income by sharing advertising revenue from the aggregate of Podango-hosted stations. Podango also owns and operates a state-of-the-art production studio in the Bay Area.

How It Works:

Publishers: The Podango Network offers a robust suite of services spanning production, hosting, distribution and monetization through a 50/50 revenue share on advertising.

Advertisers/Marketers: Podango stations enable advertisers to access today’s hard-to-reach, niche audiences and align their marketing messages with highly relevant content. The network’s 1,000+ shows give advertisers a tool for identifying and targeting enthusiasts to build awareness and foster brand evangelism.

Listeners/Viewers: Podango’s wide-ranging content stations afford listeners a wide choice of episodic video and audio programs mapped to individual tastes and interests, no matter how specific or diverse.

PLATFORM TOOLS Podango’s exclusive “P2 Platform” tools enable publishers to deliver a fully integrated experience to their audiences. Publishers can seamlessly embed media across Web sites. Advertising and performance measurement tools help publishers monitor the effectiveness of their stations.

More at: http://www.podango.com/

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