Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RockeTalk---Meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone

What Company Is Offering:
Meet new people with similar interests, and share new ideas. Search for new friends based on age, sex, country, status, or name.RockeTalk has developed and launched a social media platform and mobile phone client applications that provide a variety of fast, easy-to-use multimedia services. Users can create any combination of text, voice, photo, and video messages, share with any contacts, join communities and chat with individuals and groups, and access a variety of entertainment and content. RockeTalk makes communication between individuals and groups easy and rich, and facilitates a new form of self-expression that informs, entertains and connects people through the media they create.

Unique Features:

Meet New People: Meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone.

Instant voice & picture chat: share your world with your new and existing friends using voice, and picture chat.

Free galleries & mobile downloads: Step in to our free galleries and view amazing content posted by other users, or post your own creations.

Download loads of cool stuff for your phone...ringtones, videos, wallpapers and more!

Vibrant communities: Join one of the vibrant communities buzzing with voices, pictures and more. Or start your own community. Instant messengers: Connect to your instant messengers like Yahoo!, MSN & Google Talk! No need to stay attached to the desktop to stay connected with your friends!

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